What is NEW in iOS 10 Beta 5 – New Changes & features

Just one week between beta 4 and 5, this is very quick maybe Apple doesn’t have much work to go through. iOS 10 beta 5 update comes with only 298MB, small but I think it all includes bug fixes, I don’t think there are any new features coming but the next few betas will be bug fixes.

If you are already running iOS 10, here is how to get iOS 10 BETA 5: (otherwise scroll to see what’s new in iOS 10 beat 5)

Please head on over to Settings then General and Software Updates to get it “Over The Air” (OTR update), very simple and easy, follow the prompts. Here are a few screenshots of how to download and install OTA.
Please look through the images/screenshots provided below if you run into any errors and you can always use the comments section if anything.

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If you to install iOS 10, here is how you can do that: How to Install iOS 10 Public Beta


What is NEW in iOS 10 BETA 5:

There are many new changes and features, I will continue to update this as I discover more and you can always send me anything you find, please comment it below or email us at info@everythingipro.com.

Home Screen Layout



This is probably the biggest update, Apple have now moved around a few icons on the home screen, this is noticeable if you go Settings, General, Reset and “Rest Home Screen Layout“. (I don’t recommend this as you will lose all your already created folders).

Mail app replaced with messages app and weather app with maps app, this is due to faster access. It will be easier to access messages app on a larger iPhone, it just makes sense!


1) The moisture alert screen have been updated with new logo and a slider to dismiss the alert (image blow)

2) In settings, the “home” tab is now removed


3) There is now an option to have no sound at all when setting up an alarm. #alarmwithoutsounds

4) Keyboard sound bug fixed

5) iOS 10 beta 5 will complete reprocess facial recognition data, this must be due to something, I haven’t figured out but you can let me know in the comments below.iOS-10-beta-5-Facial-data6) If you restart your iPhone and try to purchases something after from the App Store you no longer need to put in your password, all you need is Touch ID. This is cool!



  1. There are reports that the keyboard sounds are a little louder but to be honest it isn’t noticeable.
  2. The new Emoji have been a little tweaked, perviously the turban guy emoji was all red but replaced with normal white (image below)

Control Center


  1. Redesigned now playing button which looks like an “AirPlay” logo, I guess this might confuse some people.
  2. The icon for the iPhone is now darker in this update.


Notification Center
In iOS 10 beta 4, Apple added “Today’s date” to the notification screen but was only accessible from notification screen but have now moved it over to widgets. Note; it was visible on widgets only if you went to notification then slide over to widgets.

Lock Screen

  1. There are reports that the lock sound have been updated again and yes that is true, the sound is almost like closing a door.
  2. Accessing the camera from lock screen is easier than beta 4 as you had to really slide but now a gentle slide does the job and the camera loads faster.
  3. When unlocking your device running iOS 10 beta 5, you will notice that the device unlocks itself quickly as in it animates faster to get you to home screen.

Home App

There is now a new wallpaper added to home app, there is also some other ones you can pick from.

Digital Touch Splash Screen


ios10 beta 5 digital touch splash screen

Discording this one was hard, a fan found digital touch splash screen when he was trying to send his brother a “digital touch” so basically there is more information about what the “touches” mean, there are now, for example; “tap with two fingers” will send a kiss and so on. I’d say this is handy as you may not have time sometimes.


  1. when accusing wallpapers through settings the wallpapers on display are larger but this is a bug because you aren’t able to go left or right.
  2. Swift Playground have split into two-part course.

If you find any thing new please comment it below or email us at info@everythingipro.com.

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