Only 10% of Humans Can You Find The Mistake in The Photo in 5 Seconds

There are many who would dare to find the answer, these photo is explained in a few words. Our brain can go through so much but when faced with a simple problem it will go crazy, I bet that’s what your brain is doing right now.

My question is, did you find the mistake?
If you did then please explain how you did in the comments below or you can look at the end of this post to see the answer as well.

As I mentioned above, some people will get it straight away, maybe after all that’s why they are known to us as “geniuses”.
Of course the mistake is the second “the” but why did we not see it the first time?
The answer is simple after you know the results, there are two lines and both lines contain “the”, ending and starting with, that’s where our brain suffers.

Result mistake shown













Images, Google


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