iPhone 7 Broken Screen | See How much iPhone 7 Screen Cost to Fix

This had to happen to me since I wanted to do videos until the iPhone 7 broke and that came very quickly for me and iPhone 7 broken screen aren’t cheap to replace, if you have an iPhone 7 broken screen, I will list the cheap option below. Please watch the video to see why my expensive brand new iPhone 7 broke out of no where.

The actual video: iPhone 7 Broken screen

What happened to my iPhone 7 Broken Screen?

I was doing my thing, I was recording a video for Instagram while I was a getting out my car and then iPhone 7 fell out of my pocket, you know how the iPhone 7 is very slippery well that wasn’t a good feature. I picked off the ground thinking it would be fine like the other times but this time it shattered to bits and I felt like crap because I literally spent a lot of money on this iPhone 7.


Enough about the story, I wanted to fix my iPhone so I looked around and went to the Apple store, asked how much they replaced an iPhone 7 screen, the lady kind of laughed and said, “You are the first person to have an iPhone 7 broken screen”. I was like wow! thanks. Apple referred me to the price chart below.
iPhone 7 broken screen

If you don’t have AppleCare than you are officially in a lot of trouble like I am. Apple is asking me to pay $478.95 for a new iPhone 7 Screen, did you know that is half the amount you paid to get iPhone 7? My iPhone 7 recently stopped turning ON, therefore, mine has to be, “Screen and additional damage” but if yours is just the screen you can get it done around $228.95.
I haven’t still figured out whether to go with Apple or do it myself, I will keep you post in the comments, please use the comment section to have your say.


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