iOS 10 Tips: Everything to Know About iOS 10 Messages

iOS 10 Messages has been given the much deserving love it deserves as it was updated in a while but there a few welcome changes in iOS 10 messages, I have everything listed below and have also recorded a video which you can watch as well which is in below as well. Please be sure to install iOS 10 once you get the update and then you can use everything that is listed below.

In the messages app there are many small changes which helps with better user experience and performance. iOS 10 messages has the best features so here is the written part but if you like to see the video version please click here or scroll to the end to watch it now.

iOS 10 Messages: Features

  1. You can now send Video Links iOS 10 messages

    Receiver will be able to play the video right there within the messages app, videos can be from any link, YouTube, etc…

  2. You can also send Image links iOS 10 messages

    Message receiver will be able to see what the images looks like and can click and go straight to the link (as you can see image above)

  3. Take photos within messages app iOS 10 messages

    You can take photos within the messages app by click the “arrow” then select camera icon and you will be presented with LIVE view of the camera where you can can tap anywhere on LIVE view to take a photo and it will pop straight in the message box then you can add effects to it and send it.

  4. Send Emoji 3 times the normal size iOS 10 messages

    If you thought Emoji were smaller to see then this is for you, you can now send Emoji three times the original size and it will look beautiful. You can ONLY send unto 3 emoji three times the original size (see image)

  5. Messages will automatically recognise emoji so you don’t have to search for one iOS 10 messages

    This is certainly a welcoming change to the messages app, I remember those days where I have to search everywhere for an Emoji but now thanks to iOS 10, we can enjoy the simple amazing “Auto Appearance Emoji”.

  6. Messages will Highlight words to turns into Emoji iOS 10 messages

    If auto recognising Emoji isn’t enough then iOS 10 messages can also “highlight” words that can be turned into emoji, if I was to write a message such as “I want to eat a small pizza with eggs on top” then iOS 10 will highlight words into an orange colour where you can tap on it and it will turn into an Emoji.

  7. Bubble effects: Invisible Ink hides messages iOS 10 messages

    I do want some animations when opening a text and I am sure you would want to as well, iOS 10 bring “bubble effects” where you are free to select from a range of animation according to your needs such as the  “Invisible Ink”, you can send text or images with this effect and this applies for “loud”, “Gentle”, and “Slam”.

  8. Bubble effects: Slam, loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink iOS 10 messages
  9. More Options to rate while holding the already revised message iOS 10 messages
  10. Digital Touch (Send Animated Drawings) iOS 10 messages

    You can click the “arrow” then select “the love heart with two fingers on it” then the keyboard will disappear and you will a squared black box with hand gestures along side, click the small “arrow”point up on the right side then the box with get bigger and that you select your colours and send anything drawings of any kind, there are already a few pre-made such as
    tap with one finger” please with Apple Watch or iPhone 6s and up will feel the tap thanks to the new Haptic Engine, “Press with Finger” will send “fireball”, if you want to send a kiss then just “tap with two finger” and if things are serious you can send your heart rate by using “Tap and hold with two fingers” and if things are getting worse in your relationship then try “Heartbreak” by using “tap and hold with two fingers, then drag down.”  or you can draw anything you mind feels like.

  11. Send hand writing with iOS 10 messagesiOS 10 messagesiOS 10 messages

    You can write with your fingers and send it. It will be sent animated where the receiver will see it animated, you can do this by turning your iPhone landscape and it will automatically will present you with a writing box, there is already few written one but you can write anything in the large white box.

  12. Send full-screen Animation iOS 10 messages

    After you’ve written your message then you can tap and hold the send arrow then you will see “bubble”, please select “Screen” then you have a range of options to select from, you can send a message with “balloons” in the background or with “confetti” or with “laser” or with “Fireworks” or with a “shooting star” if you are having a blast from the past.

Plus, there is more features that comes with the keyboards which you can see in the video below:


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