iOS 10 BETA 4 is OUT!


iOS 10 BETA 4 is out for download! Please come back to this page as it will be updated with what is NEW in BETA 4
The New update is very fast, if you haven’t already installed iOS Public Beta Click Here.

If you are already running iOS 10, here is how to get iOS 10 BETA 4:

Please head on over to Settings then General and Software Updates to get it “Over The Air” (OTR update), very simple and east, follow the prompts. Here are a few screenshots of how to download and install OTA.

It should look similar to the image above.

Help me out to discover what is new in iOS 10 Beta 4:

After installing iOS 10 BETA 4, please see what is new and comment it in the comment section below, we would really appreciate it or post it on our FACEBOOK Page: iOS 10

What is NEW in iOS 10 BETA 4:

I have listed as many new or improved features that I could find after comparing and searching the web but please comment your finding so I can add to the list.


  1. Capacity: This update reduces over all capacity by 20MBs.
  2. When locking your device, Apple has removed the haptic feedback
  3. Animation has been improved, opening folders and closing apps is much, much faster.
  4. If you are on the lock screen and on the widgets view, if you have “Rest Finger to Unlock”, it wouldn’t unlock your device. Now you have to physically click on the home button to unlock.
  5. “Hard Reset” no longer takes screenshots
  6. The iOS clicking noise is clearer and has different click noise for keys, “return” “space”, “delete”, “backspace” and “number pad”.
  7. Quick reply have been improved on, now you can scroll thorough
  8. Markup interface have been change, new animation and icons (there are no longer a text to explain what icons are”.
  9. Today’s date is back in the notification center.
  10. Old notification center animation is back when activated within an app, instead of slide to reveal, now just pops in.
  11. On iPad: when receiving a notification pop, now shows a grabber.
  12. Music: Popularity song meter is back, shows one start next the “song name”.
  13. “Hand off & Suggest Apps” replaced with just “Handoff”.
  14. There is now a new toggle in the “Diagnostics & Usage”. The new toggles is “Improve Wheelchair Mode”, this is here to help wheelchair user to send their data to Apple.
  15. In the “System Services”, one item has been removed and that is the “Safari & Spotlight Suggestions”, maybe it is remained or relocated. Just founded out, it is relocated to Safari’s Setting tab and named “Safari Suggestions”.
  16. Maps Setting: “Ride Booking” is no longer there, maybe Apple could get a good deal with the ride services, just a wild guess.
  17. News Setting: “Managing Subscription” is no longer available, maybe relocated with in the app.
  18. iCloud Drive: both “Siri” and “stocks” has been removed
  19. If you head over to “Accessibility” then “Display Accommodations” you will find that Apple has added new “Colour Filters”.
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Emoji: Redesigned Emoji Look

There are many new emoji for the opposite sex, it is all new and looks very clean and almost Android like, scroll to see what emoji are new and which are Redesigned. I just want to mention that the #LGBT flag has been added as well. Also the old gun emoji replaced with a water gun emoji, wait a go Apple.
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iOS 10 Beta 4 - Emojos iOS 10 Beta 4 - Emojo


Credit: BjUZr


It used to display the notifications on top of the screen but in iOS 10 beta 4, it shows where the notification appears.

Control Center:

When you open control center for the first time after updating, there is now a new “splash screen”, just explains that iPhone/iPad/iPod control, now playing and home has their one cards. (image below).

With “AirPlay” on the control center, Apple has added “mirroring”.

HomeKit App:

There is now a “renaming button” now added to change the name of your home kit.


This is new but Apple has added the old iOS 8 wallpaper into iOS 10 beta 4 and also removed a load of the other wallpapers so there are a few available now.

To conclude this update, I must say Apple is working really hard and of course we are noticing it as iOS 10 is improved a lot, the animation over all has been improved dramatically. The new emoji are well designed in my opinion and I hope people will like it as it does look similar to Android. Apple has removed some features and replaced with new ones. We are getting closer tot he final release of iOS 10, let’s hope for some new wallpapers, text tones, new hidden features.

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