How To Install WatchOS 3.0 Beta FREE

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You can also enrol with Apple to use Beta iOS or macOS, more on that here.
You might ask why should I get the new watchOS beta or you might have read somewhere and looked how to install well this is your only chance to get it. If you are still interested and what to know more about what the new watchOS can do for you please go to Apple’s site because they have already written what’s good about it, therefore; I wouldn’t bore you with my writing still: Apple WatchOS
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This is very easy to install, please watch the video to get an idea on how you can download and install it within minutes.

Things you need to install watchOS 3.0:


1) Apple watch
2) iOS 10 (MUST)
3) Update time: 30 – 45 minutes (depending on your internet connection)
4) watchOS 3.0 (Download links are at the bottom of this article*)
One you install watchOS, then will have access to Beta 2, 3 or newer ones.

Helpful Video:

Please keep in mind, there will be crashes in your experience but in my opinion the watchOS 3.0 is far better then the previous public watchOS. If you face any problems please use the comments section to leave your suggestions or issues so we can all learn from it and I also read every single comment so I will reply immediately.

I recommend to try the last link first as it could be the latest and please let me know if none of them works, sometimes it wouldn’t work because of your device or some unknown issues, I am always happy to help.*Download links are up to date:
Download 3: watchOS Profile Download
Download 4: watchOS Profile Download
Download 5: watchOS Profile Download<— NEW
Download 6: watchOS Profile Download <— NEW
Download 7: watchOS Profile Download<— NEW
Download 8: watchOS Profile Download <— NEW



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