GYM workout: Types of Guys at The Gym [4k Video]

Gym workout: Types of Guys at The Gym

A gym isn’t owned by members so please have some respect when you are in between sets. There are all different types of people at the gym and you might be included in this video [if you are please comment and why you are that way]

If you haven’t already seen these kind of people, you will soon.

People at the gym must and should always take care of the equipments, treat it as if it is your own!

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Types of Guys at The Gym, here is a complete list: The list we made [you are more than welcome to checkout the gym video above]

We have made a long list of what types of people walk in and out of the gym every single day, in the gym video above we have listed a few of our favourites and theses are the people whom we have met.

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These are the types of people we have included in our videos:

  1. The guy who never leaves a machine and he/she is known as “The
    Machine Hogger”.
  2. Everyone have and will continue seeing this guy in the gym, this guy is known as “The
    NEW Guy”.
  3. This guy/girl is known to everyone and we are sure that every single person hates him/her since he never swipes after using a machine, this guy is known as “The
    SWEATY Guy”.
  4. This guy at the gym is always on a look out for someone new to encounter as he thinks he is loaded with bodybuilding information and he thinks he is well-educated about what types of workout should be done for certain muscle and he definitely wants every single person to follow what he does and this guy is known as “MR. KNOW-IT-ALL
  5. This next person you will meet at your gym will make you want to change your normal gym routine as he likes to add a bit of flavour to his workouts, he is known as “THE SCREAMER
    (CROSS-FIT GYMS) #ATTENTIONSEEKER” SERIOUSLY bro! Where does it in bodybuilding does it say that screaming helps to workout better? If you are a screamer in the gym please please comment on the YouTube Video we made.
  6. There are rules to follow every gym, I am sure we all know that, this one or two guy you meet will freak you out with no muscle or big muscle standing in front of the mirror at the gym, and mostly blocking your way. We have seen enough of these, there is not anything wrong with checking your forms and stuff but did you know there the bath rooms for that? This guy is knows to us “ONLY HERE FOR THE MIRROR GUY”.
  7. We have all been in these situation but honestly sometimes stop and think for a second and ask yourself, “Would I kill my workout today with these cloths on?” If the answer no then please go get your gym cloths or buy some, the most it will cost is $20. This guy is known to us as “NORMAL CLOTHS GYM GUY”.
  8. The gym is a place to get your muscle to another level, most of us are so lazy these days, we like to cheat during our workouts and stop when it hurts a little, my message to you, “STOP BEING A LITTLE [beep] AND LET IT HURT MORE AND MORE” if you like to change. These lazy [beep] guys are known to us as “THE HALF REP GUY”.
  9. In my experience so far at the gym, I have met many types of people and have asked many questions which I am unsure of, most times I just ask questions because I am bored in between my sets and the questions I have asked many is, “Should I train with heavy or light weight?” this question is answered both ways but people who told me to go heavy and for those of you who goes heavy in the gym; going heavy will make your muscle explode, this means faster growth but just say goodbye to “definition”. This guys who likes to go heavy is known to us as “F[beep] THE TECHNIQUE IT’S ALL ABOUT WEIGHTS
    #HEAVYWEIGHTSBRO”. Can someone answer my question?
  10. We have put a lot of effort into these section of the video, we know every gym should have FREE WATER but sometimes I ask myself why do these guys bring in MASSIVE WATER JUGS? What does BIG water jugs in the gym mean? A normal bottle isn’t enough, what is wrong with being like everyone else. This guy is known to us as “GYM WATER ISN’T
  11. This guy annoys the hell out of me, most times I feel like smashing his head in, we know you are listening to your music but do not forget the fact that there are many other people in the gym who aren’t listening to music and they sure can hear your sing with your ugly voice, this guy is known to us as “[THE SINGER] WHO CAN’T MAKE IT TO AUDITION”.
  12. Every now and then we come across this guy who thinks he’s better than other, this guy likes to talk motivation into the other one and this guys is known to us as “THE GUY’S GYM BUDDY #STOP”.
  13. I have in the past felt like being better than someone I workout with, like this isn’t the “being better” in a normal sense, this is like [The video can explain it easier] and this guy is known to us as “THAT ONE GUY WHO WANTS TO BE BETTER THAN YOU”.
  14. No matter what the excuse might be, we will always see people on their phones, they should be thinking about crashing the next set but instead they are either on [Tinder] or other social media platforms. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger called on these guys and asked to stop. These guys are known to us as “PHONE IN HAND RATHER THAN WEIGHTS #SELFIES”.
  15. The last scene describes me the most, I love super sets and I strongly believe that this is necessary even if you want to the fit life and don’t want to go hard at it. This guy is rare and can only be found in some gyms and sometimes these guys will take it on another level by being a complete hog [The video best describes it] and this guy is known to us as “THE “SUPER SET” GUY”.

We would love to ask you to comment the ones we haven’t included in the video/article so we can add it to part of these series.
Please be on your best behaviour in any gym you go to, treat it as if you own it. If you made it to the end please be sure to share this article or the video to your friends on Facebook or twitter or even email them.

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