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Apple released the final version of iOS 10.3 today, on this post you will need everything you are after, I will first show you how to download and install it on your iPhone or iPad then what is new, extra tips and hidden features after.

How to install iOS 10.3

There are few ways to install iOS 10.3 on your device as soon as you like so I will quickly show the easiest way and if you have issues then you try others methods.

Method 1: Install iOS 10.3 via OTA from your devices setting
Step 1: Unlock your device, head over to settings then general and Software Update then you will see [the image below]
Step 2: Click on the do the “Download and Install” button to start your installation but you face any issues please refer to method2.

iOS 10.3

Method 2: installing iOS 10.3 via USB
Step 1: Please connect your preferred device to your Mac/Windows and fire up iTunes
Step 2: Once your device connect to iTunes, there should be a pop-up to advice of the update so please click “Download and Update”iOS 10.3 update
Step 3: Follow the on screen instruction and if for any reason the download does not complete here is the final way to install it so pease refer to method 3.


Method 3: Install iOS 10.3 Via IPSW LINK
Step 1:  Please connect your preferred device to your Mac/Windows and fire up iTunes
Step 2: Head over to this link to download IPSW links
Step 3: After the IPSW is installed on your computer, please hold option and  click on update [this will pop-up so]
Step 4: Please go to your downloads folder and select the downloaded IPSW file and then follow on screen instruction.

iOS 10.3-update-computer

If everything fails, please contact me via email: or Facebook: @zaksafari

Thanks for reading this, I hope it helped, please share it if you think it will help someone else that is why I wrote the first place to help someone like you so now it is your turn to share.

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