Apple Watch 2 Will Not Get Cellular Capabilities Anymore – Here Why

Apple watch 2 was expected to get cellular capabilities but according to Bloomberg, Apple has other ideas. The plan for Apple Watch 2 is to be released this fall which is within a few weeks, there are reports that there will be major upgrades with the coming Apple Watch, in the health and fitness area.

GPS-location based information available on the device is the aim for the next generation smart watch, the original Apple Watch wasn’t surprisingly a wow product but Apple hopes to change that in the up coming Apple Watch 2 since they are targeting health and fitness.

Why wouldnt Apple Watch 2 get Cellular capabilities

The answer to that is simple, Apple have probably tested a few prototypes with cellular capabilities but the result must have not impressed them since the watch consumed too much battery and that will not provide a good user experience. The next-gen watch will be able to located your location without the need of your iPhone data, thanks to the new GPS chip.


Apple loves health and fitness and so far they have done an amazing job with their “health app” but the problem with it is that no one can easily use it and that is about to change with the new operating system iOS 10 and an upgraded Apple Watch 2. The health app offers a video introduction to each category offered within the app which is to come this fall.

A preview of “Health App” in iOS 10 below: Apple Watch 2 Apple Watch 2 Apple Watch 2 Apple Watch 2 Source: Bloomberg) You may also like to check out:

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