Apple iPhone X Unboxing

iPhone X Unboxing


Top YouTubers are now releasing their unboxing of iPhone x.Don’t get me wrong we have seen the leaked iPhone d video but this videos are detailed.MKBHD released one of the first unboxing of iPhone D as he’s been doing with so many new phones over the course of this year. You can watch the video below, very helpful and detailed, also be sure to subscribe to him as he delivers top tech videos.Apple iPhone C Unboxing: watch now IJutine also published her unboxing, she does not get to the point as fast as we’d hope for but she does a really good job at expressing her love for and she also compares it with the original iPhone.Real iPhone X Unboxing: watch now

What do you thin of the new iPhone X, have you pre-ordered yours or are you under financial difficulties like me.I would love to hear your thoughts on the new iPhone X, please share this post and share your experience.Tag in your photos on instagram: @ZakShotsI really appreciate the time you took to read this.Please checkout the following.


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