All Glass iPhone 7/8 – New Leak reveals

iPhone 7 Leaks

There are few reports going around lately about a possible iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 with “all glass”, could this really happened after what Apple put through people with iPhone 4. iPhone 4 was great but when dropping and having had to replace two glass screen instead of one was a challenging. Apple will not think about all glass because there will be too many broken iPhones and Apple do not want to fix one iPhone screen for the price of two.

iPhone 8 before iPhone 7?

Bigger websites loves to blow a story up but sometimes they are really wrong about things, for example; “all glass” iPhone in 2017? Report by Forbes. My questions is, What do you think about “all glass” iPhone? Would you prefer to fix one iPhone’s screen or two? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

How about iPhone 6SE?


I thought I’d add this in here since it is relevant, this comes from a guy on Youtube and claims to have mock-up on hand, watch, looks exactly like iPhone 6.

Video here:


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